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Boomer Sets The Largest Living pet Record

blog money digital nomad singapore The Stadium is home to the world’s largest high definition video screen. travel blog china -sided screens were developed by Mitsubishi’s Diamond Vision Systems and consist of 10,584,064 LEDs, consuming some 635,000 watts. Weighing 600 tons, the screens are suspended 90 feet directly over the center of the playing surface and stretch from nearly one 20-yard line to the other. In other words, one of these video screens equals 3,268 52-inch televisions. The cable that holds the screen in place can support a Boeing 757 at maximum passenger capacity including luggage. content marketing books is recorded in the Guinness World Records as the World’s Largest High-Definition Video Display.

Last week the one-on-one date was with Sarah, the one armed account executive from Los Angeles. This week the one-on-one date will be with Lesley M., who is stunned when Sean tells her that their date could go down in the corel creative content x7 for the longest on-screen kiss. The current record is 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Can they beat the record? It sounds like a lot of pressure for a first date.

top fashion blog sites was set on October 29, 2006 at Monroeville Mall outside of Pittsburgh, PA, during Pittsburgh’s first annual ‘Walk of the Dead.’ The walk was certified by the popular fashion blogs to have 894 participants. The most recent Guinness recognized record was set last October in New Jersey for 4,093 zombies, although organizers and police and fire officials estimate more than 5,000 zombies were in attendance. That said, the zombie walk held in Brisbane, Australia, that same month reported 10,000 zombies, but Guinness has yet to recognize it.

best travel blog site travel blog morocco guinness world records blog Released in 2006, this bike which could whizz you up to 185mph in rapid time set a world record at Bonneville Salt Flats and won the title of the ‘Fastest Production Class 1000cc’. top internet blogs , the designer had this to say about his creation ‘The dream of every design engineer is to come up with the most beautiful sports motorcycle in the world, then turn it into the fastest, most exclusive sought after and powerful on the market. was my dream too. I wanted to feel the reactions of a racing bike that could put every available ounce of power through to the ground beneath me’. You know, I think he may have cracked it.

top 20 blog sites The Pinball Hall of Fame is a must for any fan of pinball machines. The Pinball Hall of Fame is 4500 square feet and almost every foot of it is covered in pinball machines. of Fame collects pinball machines from the 1960’s all the way up to the current day. All of the pinball machines have been restored and most are playable for 25 cents. of the pinball machines of the past 10 years are 50 cents but the new arcade machines aren’t as good as the old arcade machines anyway.

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